Tips for Being More Productive as a Small Business Owner

Mar 28, 2017

Create Deadlines for Everything

It can sometimes make all of the difference in the world if you have set yourself a due date for all of your projects. Pick a time in the week by which you would like to have a project finished, add it to your Google Calendar schedule, and take your deadlines seriously. You will find that you are finishing your tasks much faster.

Make a List and Prioritize

Rank your tasks each day in order of importance, and work your way through the list until you have finished in a way that allows you to complete high priority tasks first and minor issues last. The key is to always make a list. It helps you keep your thoughts organized, and you can highlight at least two tasks per day as the most important. Keep adding to your list as things pile up, but remember to keep tasks listed in the order in which you hope to get them done. By prioritizing by importance and urgency, you can stay on top of your tasks as they come. However, be realistic. Don’t expect to accomplish everything in one day. Always be honest with yourself so that the things that really need to get done do get done.

Keep your energy level up

Taking short, frequent breaks can keep you mentally sharp.  Staying mentally sharp can lead to increased productivity.  If you stay well rested and well nourished, you can stay focused and efficient.

Delegate where you can

Small business owners often put a great deal of responsibility upon themselves.  The strain of carrying these burdens can cause stress and fatigue.  Business owners have employees for a reason.  Take time to learn their strengths and weaknesses, and find a way to use their talents to maximize their value and take some of the pressure off you.

Know your weaknesses and outsource them

If you’re not strong on accounting then take it to a professional. If you struggle for hours to get a presentation graphic just so, hire a graphic designer. Stuck what to do with social media? Hire an expert. Just because you’re a small business person doesn’t mean you have to do it all. Know what areas in business you’re weak in and find the right person to fill those weaknesses.