10 Ways to Be and Stay Motivated

Mar 27, 2017

Take the broad view

Don’t get stuck with the minutiae of your goal. Write down your goal for clarity.

Visualize the project as a series of pieces that way you can cross off the steps as you go

Set up a series of milestones as a guide. Make sure your work space is a place you want to work in, put up motivational posters, play music whatever works for you.

Work when you are at your best

If you aren’t a morning person, schedule the more difficult tasks in the afternoon.

Budget your time

Finish each day with a todo list for the next day, that way you aren’t starting on a blank page. Always schedule breaks to take a walk, stretch, meditate do this to refresh your focus and prevent burnout. Perhaps set up a timer say for 30 minutes and see how much productivity and creativity you can get done in that time.

Develop a routine

Do what you need to do to put your head in a productive headspace. Have a good breakfast or start at the same time every day.

Develop accountability

Tell a friend, use a productivity app, log your hours and set up consequences if you don’t get a task done. Perhaps donate to a charity if you don’t complete a task.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Be prepared the change course and be willing to step back to make sure you are on the right path. Don’t be afraid to start fresh if need be. Be sure to laugh once in a while.

Just do it

Understand that you’ll have an off day, If you’re having a bad day you can always revise the next day, Make sure you do a small task, one step forward is still a step.

Neutralize the negativity

If you’re get burned out from news reports and social media black it out. Read something positive at the beginning of each day. Cut out those whose toxic attitudes poison your creativity and sap your time.

Don’t compare yourself to others

These are YOUR goals you are ultimately answerable only to yourself. Be sure to have fun.